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Collaboration and Public-Private Partnerships

Developing a collaboration across the industry and ecosystem, including public-private partnerships. Parties such as brokerages, wealth managers, and exchanges will be one key part of this effort due to their proximity to retail investors and the speed at which they can enact change and take concrete steps can be taken today to begin establishing this collaboration.


Personalized, Outcome-Oriented Advice for the Masses

All investors, regardless of wealth tier, should have access to the tools and guidance they need to be successful in the capital markets ecosystem. The industry must democratize personalized advice and scale services to thrive in an increasingly retail investor-driven industry.

Financial Literacy and Investing Education

Collective efforts among industry players focus on increasing widespread basic financial literacy, promoting responsible investing strategies, and improving proactive retirement planning (in non-pension markets). While the public sector has a large role to play here, private sector actors improving their tactics to meet the needs of today’s investors. Developing both short- and long-term steps to achieve this vision.

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